About the Project:
Client: Post Acute Analytics
Year: 2023
Production: 221B Studios

Concept/ DIR: Matt Holmes
Editor and VFX: Matt Holmes

Part of a series of five state-specific ads created for Post Acute Analytics (PAA), a healthcare startup that provides total transparency for patients’ journeys through post-acute care. Each video highlights PAA’s presence and experience in the state, along with highlights of their Anna software. PAA came to 221B with a preliminary script and wanted to use all stock footage. We helped refine the script (including getting to flex a bit of math muscle with the statistics), sourced all of the footage, and handled the editing, graphics creation, compositing, color correction, voice-over, and audio mixing. In all, we created four separate cuts of various lengths for each state, for a total of twenty videos. This particular video is the full length cut for the state of Minnesota.